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REVIEWSEternal Blue Sky — Ghost of Tsushima review In Ocean of Games The first effort to invade Japan was made by the Mongols in 1274, settling on an island named Tsushima. The samurai endured horrific defeats against the sophisticated arms and strategies of the Mongol army. The war at Komoda Beach was a gruesome affair that wiped out the army of the samurai and Sō Sukekuni, their shugo or military leader. The real-life combat acts as the foundation of the Tsushima Ghost. You play Lord Jin Sakai, a samurai fighter who has endured the battle at Komoda Beach and is forced to make horrible decisions and repel the Mongols to get home.

While Tsushima is a real location, and the fight at Komoda Beach really happened, the Sucker Punch team took some freedoms with the outcome to make this game. Tsushima is not a 1:1 reflection of the position of the modern world, but it reflects the better aspect of what it would have been like in 1274. We have produced a convincing and believable fictitious descendant of Kublai Khan in the game’s villain, Khotun Khan — a brave and educated Mongolian leader. Jin Sakai is the Leader of the Sakai clan, a real world samurai tribe, albeit from the 16th century — a complete 250 years after the events of this film. This has helped them to introduce the real world and their persuasive family story,

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The Mongols conquered the island of Tsushima, and the samurai were defeated by ruthless methods and the overwhelming numbers that their opponent had brought to the battlefield. Only few samurai were left alive, so you would have suffered the same fate if you weren’t for a farmer who nursed you back to safety. Sadly, you are trapped now, your weapons lost, forcefully expelled from your ancestral house, with no friends, with no hope of winning the island back from the invading army. You ‘re going to need arms, arms, friends, and, most significantly, a new strategy to battle, because the last one almost killed you. To beat this unusual adversary, you’re going to need unorthodox techniques. movierulz2

Samurai is pursuing a code of ethics called Bushido. Bushido is a rigid system with eight codes — justice, bravery, compassion, politeness, integrity and truth, fidelity (to their Lord and Daimyo), virtue and self-control, and, above all, respect. For actual practice, that also required staring at the enemy’s eyes, gazing at them in the heart, and treating them honorably. The very idea of approaching anyone from the darkness was deemed weak and without merit. Losing one ‘s reputation became insurmountable, sometimes ordering the samurai to commit ceremonial suicide, or seppuku. Jin ‘s hero is a liar, so he will be found lacking dignity, but it’s not long until Jin is out of choices.easy buy in ocean of games