Homecare Nursing

homecare nursing

With the rising costs of health care around the country, many people are looking to find ways to cut their expenses, one way of doing that is to have home care nursing services come into their home and provide health care at the same time. A few years ago I heard of a service that was in the news and wanted to share this with my community.

“Airedale-Horse Hospital, formerly known as Ozanam Hall, was opened in 1970 in Queens, NY. Located in Balsam Lake, Queens, we are an 842-bed facility that is administered by the Sisters of St. Francis for the Aged & Infirm.” The site of Ozanam is the site of St. Anne Home, which was started in 1835 by Sister Mary Ann Taylor.

“The DNA testing at home is conducted by the Center for Genetics and Molecular Biology. We have a geneticist on staff that is trained to perform DNA testing at home.”

“The testing includes DNA profiling (testing for genetic diseases like sickle-cell anemia, hemophilia, and Huntington’s Disease) and DNA fingerprinting (testing for missing, duplicated, or altered DNA). All DNA testing at home is performed under the strict supervision of a DNA Laboratory Director and DNA Analysis Technicians who are trained and certified in conducting the tests.”

“The testing consists of testing the patient’s blood and urine. After the blood and urine samples have been tested, they will be sent to a lab to be analyzed by a DNA lab technician and a medical laboratory expert. The results will provide information on the patient’s past medical history, the DNA test results, and possible health issues associated with the patient.”

“A DNA testing at home test kit can be purchased and used in conjunction with other types of medical care. This includes tests that involve urine, saliva, and blood.”

“I have a small community of seniors in the Bayview area where I work and many of them are home caregivers. They are more than willing to share their experience and give me the names of their doctors, home healthcare agencies, and the people they have seen in the office of their doctors.”

“Homecare nursing is growing in popularity as more people are discovering the need for such a service. It can be an excellent option for individuals who are self-employed or work from home, or who live in assisted living facilities.”

Homecare nursing does not only offer services for people who require nursing and medical services for themselves but for those who may require additional medical attention because of some mental health issues. and physical disabilities as well. For example, those with memory problems, arthritis, or cognitive disabilities, or other conditions that require extra care can benefit from having a home caregiver providing this type of care.