Choosing the Best Wireless Speakers for Your Home

When it comes to wireless speakers you want to find the best match for you and your lifestyle. There are a number of brands available; however, several of them are superior. One of these is the Bose SL2. These speakers produce an audio quality for the rear speakers that is equivalent to a wired Bose home theater system. These speakers work with all 5.1 channel Lifestyle and Acoustimass home entertainment systems.

The soundspick offers a flexible option instead of installing a home theater system in your home. These speakers offer a small, sleek design. They can be placed so they do not intrude on your home decor. It is also a compact system. The transmitter weighs in at.48 pounds (it measures 4.3H x 2W x 4.8D) and the receiver weighs.65 pounds (the measurements are 4.3H x 2W x 4.8D). The unit is compatible with the Bose(R) link AL8 home wide wireless audio link. It is available in the color of black. It is one of the higher-priced of the wireless speaker systems.

Reviewers also give high marks to the Kenwood RFU-6100 Wireless Speakers Solution. These speakers are surprisingly powerful. They are capable of delivering up to 50W (RMS) per channel. This system can operate up to 100 feet. It is equipped with AC power adapters to power the transmitter as well as the receiver units. The kit also includes the needed speaker wire. This is used to connect the sending unit with the rear speaker outputs on the AV receiver. This Kenwood system can also serve to extend high-quality stereo sound in a multi-room audio setup.

This unit is available at a reasonable price. It offers a serious wireless speaker kit for the rear-channel in a surround sound setup. Since most wireless systems come with 25W per channel (some are less) the Kenwood’s 50W per channel gives Kenwood an edge over most of the competition.

Finally, the Acoustic Research AW877 9000MHz Wireless Powered Stereo Speakers offers a powerful system powered with 2-way speakers that incorporate a 5″ woofer/mid-ranger speaker along with a 2″ dome tweeter. The system is connected with a stereo minijack plug and RCA connections. This unit can be purchased for about half the cost of the Kenwood. It is about one of the cheapest systems available today.

Although it offers a 7.5W RMS per channel, considerably less than the Kenwood, it still offers a suitable stereo sound for entry-level buyers. It is equipped with all of the necessary features to allow for flexible placement of the speakers