Primate social behavior: howler and spider monkeys

Laboratorio Primatología 


·        The study of social behavior and dynamics of howler and spider monkey groups encompasses projects aimed at describing social networks. These are measured through records of social interactions and interindividual spacing. We are interested as well in monitoring the ontogeny of social behavior and the display of altruistic behaviors toward other group members.


·        Sexual behavior and reproductive output, and how these relate to the group's social dynamics is also an area under investigation.


·        Intertroop relations and the behavior of solitary males and females are of interest to assess how individuals disperse in the population.


·        Of special interest are studies of how these aspects of the social behavior are disrupted by forest fragmentation (= population fragmentation) and isolation.


·        Observations using focal animal sampling techniques and scan samples are conducted on selected troops of howler monkeys living in extensive forest tracts and in forest fragments







Results of some of this studies can be found in the list of publication of the primate lab by activating the corresponding link in the main page (main page).

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